20 Fingers

It’s been pretty cold here recently.  Not like North Dakota (reporting -19 feels like -39 today), but pretty brisk (upper 20s feels like upper teens).  I usually struggle to figure out the right combination of clothes for any given run.  I definitely wouldn’t be this guy.  I digress.

I start easy: socks, check.  Shoes, yes.  Ok, now it gets more difficult.  Tights?  Yes, but regular or insulated?  (and yes, tights, but not any tights.  They are awesome and make me look fast and like a badass.  See below).

Mike without Tights Mike with Tights

Anyway, I pick a shirt (or 2) to wear, a hat, some shorts to put over the tights, and then… gloves.  Gloves, sounds easy enough.  Try saying it: gloves.  The issue is not if I should wear gloves, but actually how many pairs of gloves.  And that’s what gets me all in a tizzy.  To wear one pair, I run the risk (no pun intended, but it works) of having freezing hands for anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.  Two pair leaves me in a situation with overheating hands, which can be remedied by taking off the outer layer, but then I’m stuck carrying 10 extra fingers with me.  And so I struggle.

I finally resolved the issue by buying a heavier pair of gloves.  Duh.  I now only have to decide which pair of gloves to wear, rather than how many.  It makes the situation more comfortable, but it’s still a situation.  Anywho, that’s all I have… thanks for stopping by.

The Details

Regular 11 Mile Run:

Distance: 11.01 miles
Time: 1:32:57
Pace: 8:25 min/mile
Average HR: 153 bpm


  1. #1 by Colin on January 7, 2010 - 1:06 pm

    No matter what I do, saying that I’m wearing tights never makes me feel manly

  2. #2 by Evelyn on January 7, 2010 - 1:10 pm

    And they say girls take a long time getting dressed in the morning… geez. Ok ok, I feel your pain.

    Also — I don’t think you’ve ever grown guns like that just by putting on tights!

    • #3 by mikeyg83 on January 7, 2010 - 2:02 pm

      No, I haven’t. It would look funny if my body was as pale as it is and had those arms on it…

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