The Power Suit

I’ve had a wonky sleep schedule this week.  Actually, the schedule has been fine, but my body hasn’t really been sticking to it.  The past 3 nights I was lucky enough to see the clock at 3:31am, 3:15am, and 1:52am.  Not ideal, and it left me more tired than usual.  Well this morning I got my rear in gear, despite sleeping lightly, and trekked out for a gloomy 7 miles.

I threw on my power suit: Chicago Marathon finisher’s shirt and Marine Corps Marathon hat for that extra “I’m better than you” feeling and headed out the door.  The legs felt surprisingly strong considering some nagging tightness in both calves throughout the week.  Cruising along and exuding awesomeness through my attire, I felt pretty high and mighty.  Until…

POP!  My bubble was burst.

Heading towards me was a girl wearing an unmistakable yellow Boston Marathon shirt.  For the uninitiated, the Boston Marathon is the only race you need to qualify for by running another race within their qualifying times.  Fast qualifying times.  Like times that I don’t think I’ll be hitting… ever.

And just like that, my “power suit” was nothing but any old shirt and hat.

Distance: 7.00 miles
Time: 57:54
Pace: 8:16 min/mile
Average HR: 158 bpm

  1. #1 by Colin on March 12, 2010 - 4:16 pm


  2. #2 by Will Clarke on March 12, 2010 - 4:17 pm

    Maybe she stole it from her boyfriend, Astronaut (and Marathon runner) Mike Dexter. Or whatever you need to tell yourself to keep the spirits up!

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