Elevate Your Game

When training for, well, anything, the saying goes “Sweep the leg” “Practice makes perfect”.  I take this very seriously, at least when it works out in my favor to make a point even though I didn’t realize it.  Case in point, for the upcoming San Antonio Marathon, several of my recent long runs have serendipitously followed a similar elevation profile to the race elevation.  Take a look at the comparison below.  On top is the marathon elevation and the bottom is the elevation for my recent 20 mile run.  I mean, come on. They’re nearly identical*!  I’m so awesome.

So, in an effort to stir up some trash talk, I think Colin is going to be in some trouble to be as prepared as me for this race.  Nevermind he’s coming off an injury, unsure how he’ll hold up over the entire race distance, and doing a 13-week training plan versus my 18-week plan.  No mercy!  Well, actually, we’ll probably run together the majority of the race**.  I’m sure more accidental comparisons will present themselves as well as some professional trash talk, so stay tuned.

*For the skeptics and internet trolls out there, the vertical scale is the same for both graphs.

**At least until I see the opportunity to Tonya Harding him.  Good luck, Nancy.



  1. #1 by Colin on October 7, 2010 - 9:45 am

    First, uphill finish = lame.
    Second, Bring it.

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